Inside Out Show

Inside Out: The Original Organ Show provides audiences with compelling health information – presented in a truly unique way – that empowers them to make informed decisions about behaviors and lifestyle choices that impact their long-term well-being. The show takes viewers on a fantastic voyage through the human body. Actual human organs, such as hearts, lungs, brains, livers, kidneys and aortas are shown. Some are healthy; others have been damaged by substance abuse, poor eating habits and unsafe behaviors. Through the presentation, viewers can see first-hand what really happens to their bodies when they choose harmful habits and lifestyles.
Providence Health & Services, NW Washington Service Area
1321 Colby Avenue, Ste 2A, Everett, WA 98201-
Ages Served:
from age 5 – up to age 17
from age 18 – up to age 65