Diabetes Classes

The more you know about diabetes, the better you can manage it. Investing now in your education about diabetes and prediabetes can help you prevent serious complications and allow you to live your best life. Individual Assessment Meet with one of our diabetes educators to establish your individual educational needs. Call to schedule before the first class at your clinic. Diabetes: The Real Deal Learn survival skills for managing diabetes: how to monitor blood sugar, how to treat highs and lows, and how to help prevent complications. We’ll also go over why medications are prescribed and the basic physiology of diabetes. The Power of Food Learn the basic principles of nutrition and how food can help manage diabetes. We’ll review carb counting and label reading as well as healthy food choices and basic meal planning. Whole Body Health + Food Demo Learn non-food ways to manage diabetes including physical activity and emotional well-being. We’ll also build on the nutrition principles presented in the previous class with a food demo, where we’ll be creating healthy, balanced (and tasty) meals! These classes are open to anyone with diabetes and their family, friends or coworkers.
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