Youth Initiative

SCBHC Youth Initiative “Reclaiming our history and Shaping our future.” Youth play a vital role in the growth & stabilization of any society. Youth are the backbone of our nation and in order to thrive, (not just survive), you must have youth as part of the main ingredient. A world without youth is a graveyard in the making. ​ In both formal and non-formal settings, the SCBHC Youth Initiative provides our community youth with opportunities to participate in and engage with other young people and caring adults who are committed to supporting the process for learning, growth, development, wellbeing and preservation of our heritage and culture. ​ We offer a variety of programs, resources, workshops, and community service opportunities for our youth. Our ultimate goal is to sow positive seeds, water, fertilize, prune & cultivate our youth, so they will be empowered to go back out into the community and serve, contribute & be productive members and leaders of society. ​ Our Six Guiding Principles: Encouragement Empowerment Education Engagement Expression Esteem
Snohomish County Black Heritage Committee
PO Box 1552, Everett, WA 98206
(425) 583-7739