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Multiple locations in Snohomish County provide overnight shelter during dangerously cold weather. Cold Weather Shelters are operated by community-based organizations, volunteer groups, and communities of faith across Snohomish County. Hours of operation, criteria for opening, and length of season vary by location. However, Cold Weather Shelters typically open when overnight temperatures are expected to be below 34 degrees F. The cold weather season typically begins in November and can last through March of the following year. This page is updated as needed throughout the cold weather season. During periods of below-freezing weather, expect the site to be updated often with shelter openings and closures. While the Human Services Department can provide general information and updates, questions about a specific shelter should be directed to that shelter. Please note that COVID-19 precautions will be taken at all shelters, which may cause changes at shelters and in transportation resources. Youths between the ages of 12-17 years of age who need shelter may call 425-877-5171.
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