Personal Support Services - VOA Disability Services/Supported Living Program

Volunteers of America Western Washington prides itself on connecting people with developmental disabilities to living situations and experiences that foster independence and enhance self-esteem. Our services give those with developmental disabilities opportunities for community involvement and the richness that life affords to anyone who is motivated to search for it. Our Disability Services include our state-recognized Supported Living program and our Recreational Options guided tour and recreation experiences. Each program is designed specifically for adults with developmental disabilities, fostering independence at the level each individual can achieve successfully. Each program operates with a mission focus, knowing that as it reaches its goals, an adult with developmental disabilities will be choosing life experiences that help them be the best that they can be—just like anyone else.
Volunteers of America of Western Washington
2802 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201
(800) 484-3578
Languages other than English:

American Sign Language (ASL)