The use of sound - working with voice or instruments - can be a very self-informative and supportive healing modality. We can use sound to understand, inquire, express what is pre-verbal, hard to say or beyond words, more deeply embody, empower, soothe, nurture and much more. A few examples will help to show how sound can be used in a session: A young child experiencing grief creates a song using instruments to express their grief and love for the person who has passed. Sound can be used to discharge stress, overwhelm, pain, agitation, frustration and anger. Then we can look together and see what has shifted or what else is needed. Soothing sounds can be created for someone who rests lying on the yoga mat or seated in a chair, receiving a 'sound massage'. This can relax both the mind and the body, and reveals inner wisdom and clarity. Sound can be used to build assertiveness and strengthen authentic self-expression. A couple or family that struggles with communication or feeling heard and understood can have 'sound dialogues' to support their process.
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